HyperTree is a genealogy program I've been working on little-by-little for quite some time, but I haven't finished it yet. I might never finish it. The biggest problem is I've never stopped adding features long enough to eliminate the bugs.

I originally wrote HyperTree (then called Family Tree Explorer) in Visual Basic. My purpose was to create a program that could import FT-ETC files. I accomplished that goal for the most part then I decided I wanted to edit the data and produce HTML files. Visual Basic is nice, but it seemed too bloated to me, so I stopped developing in it. The current incarnation is written in BCX. BCX is an excellent (and free) tool, but it's hard to maintain large programs in BCX. As HyperTree keeps on growing, I'm thinking it's going to become impossible to maintain at a certain point. So I'm planning on porting HyperTree to the new D programming language. I'm currently learning D and any time now, I'll get down to actually converting it.

At this point, I'm working on supporting GEDCOM format. I think I'm close to having it export, but I plan on adding import support, too.

If you like to live dangerously (please save often), here is my program in its incomplete state. If you want to try to finish it yourself, here's some source code.